Hi Friends,

Before you order the Pleasure of Trance I have to confess it is now one of my favorite recordings. I searched high and low for the perfect female voice for a new recording I had been developing. I listened to dozens of "lady hypnotist" voices out there and was shocked at how unpleasant they were! In fact many were so annoying that I had to hypnotize their voices out of my head!

So I enlisted a friend whose voice I have found to be so soothing and calm that it was almost Angelic in quality. I sent her the script and asked her to lend me her voice. She did and when I got it back I was blown away.

I knew immediately that I had made an astonishing discovery in her presentation and became convinced that the voice on this recording you are about to buy in just a few moments is absolutely hands down the most soothing and hypnotic voice out there that I know of.

The new audio program is called the Pleasure of Trance. After some highly creative and interesting sound designs with multi-track voice, special effects and of course her incredibly soothing voice, I completed the project and it is now ready for you. Again I must admit it is my favorite recording but I'll let you judge for yourself. I want you to listen to it carefully with headphones and really experience the depth of trance she immediately brings to you.

This recording is for both men and women and I promise you'll enjoy it as much as I do. It is not sexual in nature but it will instill soothing ideas that will enhance your sexuality in a good way!

You will find there is a special place in your mind that will be programmed to respond to pleasure as you determine. I believe you'll enjoy this as much as I do and right now we're giving it away for only $19.95 instead of $29.95 when you buy it today and begin listening to it today.

I'd like to know what you think after you listen to it over and over again!
You might want to listen to this with your partner.

All my Hypnotic Love,

Don Spencer
SleepNow Productions